Places to hook up in disneyland

Knowing the anal-retentiveness of Disneyland You can climb over the fence behind big thunder mountain and fuck in the bushes, it's also the place to score the best drugs in disneyland Smoking areas, bathrooms over by the Winnie the pooh ride, the haunted mansion, pirates, toon town is the best, the train ride, new Orleans square has hiding spots, main street locker room, the list goes on D or at least not the last time I went there a few years ago.

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I speak from experience. View more from California i googled "where to have sex in disneyland. Fav 61 Comments You must be Logged in to post a comment no one there gets paid enough to do that 3: Submitted by Anonymous on Jul 16, 09 at 3: Submitted by Anonymous on Jul 16, 09 at 1: Submitted by Anonymous on Jul 17, 09 at 8: Submitted by Anonymous on Jul 16, 09 at 4: Submitted by Anonymous on Jul 16, 09 at 8: And the Magic Kingdom, later in the evening. Submitted by Anonymous on Jul 16, 09 at 6: Submitted by Anonymous on Jul 16, 09 at 5: Submitted by elenaaaa on Jun 19, 10 at 6: Submitted by Anonymous on Jul 18, 09 at 1: Submitted by Anonymous on Jul 20, 09 at 3: Submitted by Anonymous on Jul 17, 09 at 2: Please learn how to count.

You can have sex in the tidal wave pool at the water park.

New Dating App Means People Will Be Banging A Lot At Disney Theme Parks

Submitted by Anonymous on Jul 17, 09 at 5: Submitted by Anonymous on Aug 6, 09 at 4: Wow can we say whore? Submitted by Liz on Jul 6, 11 at Submitted by Anonymous on Jul 19, 09 at 2: Submitted by Anonymous on Jul 17, 09 at Take the moderate safesearch off of google, and you might find some answers Don't message us about it.

If you're here you are either an adult, or believe yourself to be mature enough to engage in adult conversations. With that in mind, we will treat you like an adult and presume you know how to read our rules and follow them. My girlfriend and I are heading to WDW in a few months with her family.

They'll always be in the hotel room with us, so we won't be able to do anything there, but there's GOT to be some place to sneak away inside the parks, right? Let me give you some straight honest advice from a former Disney World Cast Member using an alt as I'm still with the company elsewhere. DO NOT follow the terrible advice you're being given. There is no "safe" in-park location for fooling around.


I am friends with custodial cast who have reported couples for using restrooms inappropriately, including cases involving underage individuals. I reported a couple myself when I caught them misusing store fitting rooms In all rides, even "dark rides" where its literally pitch black, there is absolutely nowhere where you aren't being recorded and actively monitored for safety and security.

Try turning around or watching the corners of rooms, and you'll see what I mean. Security doesn't even need to worry about where to find you As for the companion restrooms.. There are many many families with screaming children waiting to use those restrooms for legitimate reasons. Bathrooms in general are some of the most consistently high traffic close quarter areas in the parks, especially when you're staring straight at the locked companion door waiting for it to open and see who's inside.

Where can I have Sex in Disneyland?

You will be seen, and someone will report it. Not to mention the over 70, cast members who know all the hiding places and are creepily good at spotting unusual behavior it's right in the training, but even if it weren't you'd be amazed how easy it is to spot when you work there long enough. They take preserving the Magic EXTREMELY seriously , and security WON'T hesitate with charging you because you're young its a terrible idea no matter what the age, but the fact you're traveling with her parents and still not mature enough to ask them for an hour of privacy at your resort tells me enough.

That's on top of the tens of thousands of very sensitive parents who get seriously offended at public indecency when they paid thousands to be there and their precious innocent babies are right next to them witnessing it. Don't ruin your and someone else's extremely expensive vacation and risk earning everyone a lifetime ban with a criminal record for a few seconds of fun.

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If you've read this far, thank you for being open minded and keeping the Disney Magic pure. Under no circumstances do you want to get caught.

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I know two people that are actually banned for life from Disneyland for fun shenanigans. I agree with the post saying you're always being watched in the parks. The amount of eyes on you is only rivaled by places like Vegas. If you're REALLY wanting to do something like that, there are a couple options, none of which are guaranteed secure or private.

New Dating App Means People Will Be Banging A Lot At Disney Theme Parks | Very Real

Your best bet would be in an empty monorail cabin between the Magic Kingdom and Epcot. There are no cameras in the monorail cabins, and the ride between Epcot and the MK is long enough to have plenty of fun. The challenge with this one is getting an empty monorail cabin. You wouldn't know until the monorail closed its doors if you were going to have a fun trip, or if you were just taking a time-consuming round-trip ride to and from with a couple with 5 kids.

If you wanted to try this, you would take a monorail from the gate of the MK to the Transportation and Ticket Center TTC , then transfer to the Epcot line and cross your fingers on getting an empty cab.